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KLS Imam Tarmizi

The Amazing thing of Imam Tirmidzi



Feby Ratnaningsih, S.Pd

Imam tirmidzi is the one of the first grade at SDIT Samawa Cendekia besides Imam Bukhari and Imam  Muslim. As the class’ name “Imam Tirmidzi”, is the religion figure who’s very active to studying till the end of his live especialy religion knowledge, so do Imam tirmidzi class is the class where the students are very competitive. As the “selection class”. they almost have similar intelegence, not only about general lessons, but also in special lesson that deserved by SDIT to developed their reigion, especially “thafidz Qur’an”  however some of them still low on comperehencing the lessons at the first time. We couldn’t deny, however get the name of “selection class” , exactly not all of the students we could understand automatically. Some of them have problem to comperehence the lesson. It’s caused they got the problem to adapted with their new world or they got the problem from their home. In fact one of my students, the name is Raisa indah Kayana , at the first and second week she came to school. She is so unfriendly, it’s contrast with the expression feeling of another friends. She looks unpretty, always silent, unactive, she’s like not interested in a thing she has got in the new class. She didn’t have any spirit to get the lesson in the class. I’m as her homeroom teacher and ustad Anang as a teacher class felt curious, what the cause so she felt uncomfortable in the class, even when pray dhuha or dzuhur that usually doing in the school, she never out louder her voice. Finally I tried to communicate to her parents. We approached and cooperated with them how to solve the problem such us knowing deeply how is her habit in her house. How to close to her, in order she never felt clumsy to share how’s her feeling to her teacher. It  has aim to get good relation between us and the parents and knew what should we do.



After that, we applicated what be our planing is directly to the student. Alhamdulillah need 2 weeks made It successed, finally she wanted to share about her daily activity in her home, and how had been the problem which she faced in her house with kiddy style. not only that, she has spirit to study in the class, because she felt there is someone who understood her. After analyzing the improvement that showed by her,  she began want to study, and analyzed the lesson that made her interested in is Math. she has big passion on it. Then, i setted her seat forward and choosed her seatmate with an active one in the class, name’s Ifana.

We are as a teacher must be able to motivate all of our students, moreover students who need more attention in the classroom. Giving appreciation is one of the way to motivate the students, Raisa has passion in math, automaticaly I always praise her when she got good score, for a subject that unliked by her, i gave more attention even more praise her. When pray dhuha and dzuhur, we gave her stars to motivating her in order has spirit to be better again. Teacher has right to choose a way as long as it’s positive way for the students. There are 30 students of imam tirmidzi, all of them are great kids, they always have big spirit to accepting a new thing in the classroom.

Even they could give new idea for us for making inovation in teaching them. Like mother like son,has made them be great students not regardless by the great parents’ role. As one of the purpose from SDIT Samawa Cendekia, making good relationship and cooperating with all of part in effort to developing education quality. That’s why we never stop to do good comunication and interaction to the parents. So, parents are very available to working together with us as their kids’ teacher. almost all the thing they shared about students’ development in home or school, and alhamdulillah we always get a positive reaction. Hopely we are the teacher alway able do the best effort to our students heartly.

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